Nimbus 750-Four

Fours are nothing new. Sin ce th e ea rly years of th e ce ntu ry, a host of manufact urers have shoe-horn ed four-cylinder engines int o road­going motorc ycles; FN in Belgium , H ender so n in th e USA, count less oth ers aro und th e wo rld , … Read more

Sunbeam S7/S8

Sunbeam S7

This was to be the jewel in the crown of post­ war British motorcycling, and it had the full weight of the giant BSA Group behind it. During the war years, BSA acquired two things; the Sunbeam name, and a captured German BM\XI R75 outfit. As the war was coming to a conclusion, BSA recognised … Read more

Harley-Davidson WL45

Harley Davidson 1945 WLA

Nowadays, Harley-Davidson are the iconoclasts of world motorcycling – a situation little different from the fifties. This particular model, the WL45 began life in 1929, continuing in production with only relatively minor modifications until the arrival of the ‘ K’ Model in 1952. For an entire generation, this was the Harley-Davidson, as American as apple pie.